… These crispy, baked buneulos are a great alternative to the fried version and are definitely a favourite in our house. Instead of regular brown sugar, a brown sugar substitute, like Splenda, works perfectly for those with sugar sensitivities. Ingredients 1 package of 8″ wheat or white flour tortillas 3 tbsp melted butter (for brushing) […]

… For most of my life, I lived in garden hardiness zone 10. Now I live in hardiness zone 3. Big difference, right? No kidding. Lol When I started my horticultural journey, some 20 years ago in Southern California, the garden centers and nurseries were filled with a plethora of plant choices and they still […]

… On the day I was born, the state of my country was in great disarray. Oddly enough, not unlike how it is at the moment. A brutal war raged in a far away country that left many struggling to reconcile patriotism with the ethical question of what it was all for. That was one […]

… Throughout the growing season, when the air is warm and fragrant and birds are abundant at the feeders, I am forever picking tomatoes from our vines. All different, heritage varieties grow in our humble vegetable patch, which with the help of the bees and other insects, tend to cross-pollinate. I don’t mind that at […]

Well, it’s that time of year again, here in Manitoba. When we batten down the hatches and say goodbye to our neighbors for a few months. When it drops to -30 degrees outside, there’s a choice to be made between socializing and surviving. Ha!

There is something to be said for this cold and stark time of year though. The elegant …

… This is a fantastic recipe for those nights when you need to get a hearty and delicious meal on the table fast. One pan, six ingredients and your appetite. That’s it! Ingredients 4-6 bone-in pieces of chicken (with or without the skin) 6-8 red potatoes, cut into wedges 1/4 cup Italian dressing 1/2 cup […]

… At those times when life gets hurried, with work and chores to be done, energy, come evening time, is often scarce. Leaving time to nurture our relationship to be a bit of a luxury. Yet all this hurried activity lends a strong air of appreciation for when those nurturing times come. This evening was […]