Here in Southern Manitoba, it’s amazing just how hot it gets in summer (47C/117F with humidity) compared to how cold it gets in winter (-50C/-58F). On those days when the temperature soars to astronomical heights, one dreams of just a taste of a cool, autumn breeze. To conjure up the sensation of that breeze, we dream of autumn colour.

… For most of my life, I lived in garden hardiness zone 10. Now I live in hardiness zone 3. Big difference, right? No kidding. Lol When I started my horticultural journey, some 20 years ago in Southern California, the garden centers and nurseries were filled with a plethora of plant choices and they still […]

Well, it’s that time of year again, here in Manitoba. When we batten down the hatches and say goodbye to our neighbors for a few months. When it drops to -30 degrees outside, there’s a choice to be made between socializing and surviving. Ha!

There is something to be said for this cold and stark time of year though. The elegant …

… As the temperature outside begins its ascent, I feel the urge to grab a sweater and venture outside. The gardens are calling to me. The soft, cool, April wind on my face lets me know that its time to start tempering the garden plants I’ve been harboring inside all winter.  The life force within them has […]

… Back in my hometown, I used to love to garden. I had a vegetable and herb garden, fruit trees, rose bushes and other beautiful perennials. The climate conditions in Southern California are perfect for growing these types of plants. Gardening was a part of the balance in my life between those moments of challenge […]