Rainy Day Accomplishments

We get a lot of rainy days here in The Peg in the early spring and summer. I love it, being from an area where precipitation is low causing a drought for the last several years.  The prairie rains turn the multitude of trees here exceptional and varied shades of green. One can almost hear our flowers and vegetables giggling with delight as they bathe in fresh, clean water, falling from the heavens. I especially delight in the thunderstorms. I see them as Mother Nature stirring life and energy back into the Earth and its inhabitants when the warm, summer days just make us want to nap in the hammock.

Rainy Day Schedule

We spend quite a bit of time out in the gardens during clear, sunny days. Planting, pruning, mowing and of course, sun-bathing. Rainy days allow me to focus on indoor projects that I have let fall by the wayside.

Today I have a few good ones under my belt so far.

Cooking a shrimp dish

On days that I’m home, I often have a nice meal cooking when Darren arrives home from work. One that we can enjoy together. Today, I rummaged through the freezer and found a few interesting ingredients. Shrimp, asparagus, and rainbow bell peppers. From the pantry, I gathered some garlic, shallots and fusilli pasta. What can I make with these? I boiled the pasta and sautéed the rest in olive oil. A bit of butter, layering fats, makes the dish that much more delish. Adding a decent amount of milk and cornstarch mixture makes a light, creamy sauce. I poured the whole thing over the pasta. Then mixed in a dash of red pepper flakes just to give it a slight kick.

Can’t let a rainy day go by without making some cookies. Oatmeal chocolate chip with hazelnuts should do the trick. Again with found items that longed to be used in the pantry). The ‘whirring’ sound of the mixer, the smell of freshly baking cookies in the oven and the vision of raindrops tapping on the window make for quite a cozy kitchen.

New fireplace

Making It Cozy

For the past several months, I have been working on some design plans for the interior of our home. Today, a beautiful piece for the living room arrived. A new electric fireplace and mantle! I’m very excited about this. It’s such an amazing feeling to see one’s vision just spring to life!  And after a hearty lunch that ended with some tasty cookies, Darren is ready to help me put it in place.

Rainy Day Accomplishments

Aaaahh…there’s nothing like a hot, steamy mug of accomplishment at tea time. Hmmm, what might I accomplish tomorrow?

It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.  – Leonardo da Vinci

Lightning on the prairies

Feel free to let us know about any reno projects or nesting activities you’ve done, we’d love to hear from you! Any home design or DIY projects you like to read about? Drop us a note in the comments below. Thank you!

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