Simplicity in a Complex Universe

Happy New Year!

Typically, people (myself included) often seek new resolutions to adhere to at the beginning of each new year. This year, I struggled to find one that felt right. So many ideas swimming around in my head, that needed sorting out. But how do I keep from overthinking things?

A situation arose recently, in my work, that caused me to change my perspective a bit when it comes to how I approach the different puzzles of life. A software issue, that was assumed to be so difficult and time-consuming to figure out, ended up being the simplest of things to solve.  All those involved had a good laugh in the end, in spite of ourselves. See what I mean about the overthinking thing?

And here I go again…lol

The Puzzle

It seems, the world we live in has become so complex, that I for one, have found myself subconsciously adapted my thinking, over the years, to address everything that comes up in a much more complex way to meet it. On the surface, this kind of complex thought process might appear to make sense. Yet, when you look at each individual situation that comes up in daily life…only a handful of them are actually worthy of us “overthinking” them. Most turn out to be really quite simple.

This general, complex problem-solving behavior seems to have shifted from being a seemingly necessary, environmental adaptation in how we think, to quite frankly…a bad habit.

Have we, as a society, really lost the ability to discern between a complex puzzle and a simple one?

We are constantly bombarded by puzzles to be solved, on a daily basis. That’s just life. Yet recently, (especially in the last couple of years or so) we’ve been presented with issues, on a global scale, that truly require immediate sorting out. We are reminded of these issues constantly, very rarely being allowed a break to just breathe and refresh ourselves. Naturally, stress and frustration ensue.

The Solution

For me, I realize that a much more efficient behavioral adaptation is available and necessary just for own sanity. The first step is to be self-aware and present in each moment. The second, allow calm and clarity to be my starting points. (Not an entirely easy task, but it’s possible with a little effort). From this frame of mind will come simple and rational reactions to each individual puzzle that I encounter. The question will be asked, “In actuality, is this a complex problem or a simple one?” Once determined, I can then get on with working out the puzzle without imposing any unnecessary stress or frustration on myself.

Once this new “habit” is adopted and utilized for a fair amount of time, I believe that the world will begin to feel far less complex and the puzzles of life will feel far more manageable and solvable than they do now. They will begin to feel lighter and more easily carried.

I have decided that this shall be my New Year’s resolution and I feel good about it.

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What are your thoughts on this?