The Olenick House

The Joy of Thoughtful Design

Good Housekeeping magazine published its first issue in May 1885, with the tag line "A family journal conducted in the interests of the higher life of the household". The essential message, in its early issues, was that the kitchen served as a purely functional space, separate from the rest of the home. It was to be… Continue reading The Joy of Thoughtful Design

Olenick House Rules

Simple, Garden Tomato Bisque

Throughout the growing season, when the air is warm and fragrant and birds are abundant at the feeders, I am forever picking tomatoes from our vines. All different, heritage varieties grow in our humble vegetable patch, which with the help of the bees and other insects, tend to cross-pollinate. I don't mind that at all.… Continue reading Simple, Garden Tomato Bisque

The More You Grow...

Helping Houseplants Thrive in Winter

As autumn becomes winter, here in the true north, the jewel-toned leaves on maples and other indigenous trees become a vibrant canvas on which nature will apply her next brush stroke. The burgundy, gold and green palette has always been my favorite, now with a patina of fresh, clean white. All the home improvement retail stores… Continue reading Helping Houseplants Thrive in Winter

The Olenick House

A Long Winter’s Nap

Well, it's that time of year again, here in Manitoba. When we batten down the hatches and say goodbye to our neighbors for a few months. When it drops to -30 degrees outside, there's a choice to be made between socializing and surviving. Ha!

There is something to be said for this cold and stark time of year though. The elegant ...