My name is Jen and I’m a born and bred California girl, who became an unexpected Manitoba girl when I went and fell in love with a Winnipegger.

Darren and I met online, through a mutual friend, and began corresponding everyday to really get to know each other. It was 6 months before we heard each other’s voices for the first time, over the phone. 

After another 6 months, we finally met in person. I flew to the other side of the country, (he drove from Manitoba) where we first laid eyes on each other, from opposite sides of baggage claim, at a Florida airport. After which, we embarked on our first date. A two-week road trip!

15 months later, we got married. While we had to continue living apart, in our respective countries, we never lost sight of our goal. To finally spend the rest of our lives together in Canada. At long last, on August 4th, 2015, I said goodbye to my hometown and made the journey to Winnipeg. 

If someone had told me 10 years ago that 10 years from then I would be living happily in another country, I would’ve told them they were nuts. It’s funny how things turn out and where the road of each individual life takes us. 

I will not lie and say that adapting to living in a new country is easy. Especially when that new country can get vastly colder than what a California girl is used to. But, as I’ve learned, it’s all about love, patience and being open to adventure and acclimatization. 

The goal of relijen.com is to strive to be your #1 resource for  delicious and healthy recipes, effective and bountiful gardening practices, beautiful and budget-friendly interior design projects and simple avenues toward long-term sustainability. 

Thanks for reading and welcome to my world!