Date Night, Game Night

As is usually the case towards the end of winter, Darren and I haven’t gotten out much.  Mainly because it has just been too darn cold.

Major surgery has grounded me for the past five weeks which tends to grate on the nerves of a person who is normally quite active. Any attempts I’ve made to overcome this cabin fever has evidently been, in turn, wearing away on my husband’s nerves.  How grand it is to see the law of energy conservation and transference in action! Haha

IMG_0864 (2)

To make sure that the energy of Darren’s annoyance didn’t circle it’s way back to me, he thought “I need to get this woman out of the house”. With this night being ‘bobblehead night’ at the Winnipeg Jets home game against the L.A. Kings, it was the perfect opportunity. Despite my trepidation, what with going out into the big, bad world still recovering from my ordeal, I got all dolled-up and we headed out.

Walking down Portage Avenue on the arm of my date, I was reminded that Spring in The Peg doesn’t exactly equate to crocus’ in bloom and blue jays in the trees just yet. But the slushy ice beneath my feet and the mounds of muddy snow along the curbs, while bleak looking, do harken the promise of fields of color and warmer days just around the bend. It also means….that it’s still hockey season!

Once inside The Bell MTS Centre and thawed out, we treated ourselves to a game-night feast! This slice of pizza was almost bigger than I am, but there’s nothing better than being wined and dined “Jets style” by the one you love.

With full bellies, we went to say hey to Darren’s buddy, Chris, up in the organist’s booth. Chris is quite a talented keyboardist outside that booth too. The Jets are lucky to have him.


Arriving at our season seats, we grabbed our collector bobbleheads (this year it was Jacob Trouba) and game programs and prepared ourselves for the highlight of the evening…

Game time! Let’s get L-O-O-U-U-D-D!!!! The Winnipeg Jets vs. The Los Angeles Kings. Sigh.. My new home vs. my old home. Oh! The confusion. Oh! The guilt……….Go Jets Go!! Heehee!

Naturally, excitement built up around this rock star, “Patriiiiiikk Laineeeeee!!!” This kid put the fear of the hockey gods in a lot of people this night when he got injured. And so close to the playoffs!! Luckily, he was alright after a few days of rest. Whew! Young Mr. Laine is already such a valuable player and he’s only 19. years. old. What will the rest of his career look like? Holy Smokes! I have a feeling we are watching history in the making, folks!

And of course, my personal fav, “Dustiiiiiin Byfuglieeeeeeenn!” When Darren first introduced me to The Jets and hockey in general, this player was the first to catch my eye. Initially, because it took me a while to figure out how to pronounce his name correctly. Not exactly a common name. But, he’s not a common player either. The man is like a human freight train! Hehe He’s a really strong part of this team and so fun to watch.

Zamboneh!  Zamboneh! Zambo-nah-noh-noh-nah-noh neh!!……..


Where was I? Oh, right!

And then there’s this big guy. The beloved Moose-Man!

The energy in the stadium was just electric! Total strangers, sitting side by side in the stands, celebrating every goal and every goal-tender block as if they were life-long friends. I don’t know if that’s a part of a normal hockey game but its certainly a great perk of a Winnipeg Jets game.

Darren and I had a great time together on our first date after the long, winter hibernation. Plans are in the works for many more in the coming months and we will certainly enjoy sharing our shenanigans with you, here at Just hit the follow button and you won’t miss a thing!


Published by Relijen

I’m a born and bred Southern California girl, who became an unexpected Manitoba girl when I went and fell in love with a Winnipegger. I invite you to join me on this journey of adjustment and adventure as I learn to adapt my passion for cooking, baking, gardening and interior design, to this very different culture and climate.

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