The Olenick House

There are so many incredible home design styles to choose from, I can’t pick just one! See how I incorporate a combination of my favorite design styles, through a series of projects, into the one beautiful and comfortable place we call home, by clicking on the image above.

Out and About

Whether it’s abroad or just to the local burger joint, Darren and I love to travel around and have a great time together. Life gets busy sometimes and traveling is a fantastic way to reconnect. See how we maintain the magic by clicking on the image above.

Olenick House Rules

Often times, getting a quick meal on the table is a must. Yet, in this high-speed world we now live in, it’s important to slow down, pour yourself a glass of wine, turn on some quiet music and savor these culinary meditations. Just click on the image above.

The More You Grow…

Gardening has been a passion of mine since my mom first let me water the pansies in our Southern California backyard when I was just three years old. Gardening here in Manitoba is a bit different but I’m always up for a good challenge! See how I make the transition and learn from nature herself about the beauty of prairie gardening by clicking on the image above.

Musings of the Mind

While I’m in the midst of gardening, cooking and baking or working on a design project, my mind tends to wander into areas of a more social, political or personal nature. Welcome to my mental meanderings. Just click on the image above.



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